Daniel Sturley - Full Colour No Fear

This is the project workspace for Photographer Daniel Sturley's 'Lightbox' development. Check back for updates and imagery of the process.

I have always loved the look of 35mm slides (positives) when viewed on a light-box. My photography is digital now but I don't like the fact that none of it actually exists in real life, I want to see my photos printed, large and with full colour! I am developing an idea for presenting my photos on very large (A1 size) backlit panels, with the image printed onto something transparent and mounted in large frames. The 'Lightbox' will have a chargable battery installed with a winder handle (like a camping light or torch).

I am seeking collaboration and/or advice on several elements of the production development:

The lightbox itself including the frame, the diffusser panel, the LED matrix and the power/charger system.

The transparent material to print on.

The ink used.

The product will be branded as 'Full Colour No Fear'

Project dates

25 Feb 2020 - On-going


Art; Culture & creativity, Photography

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